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June 22--  An audit of the city of Uvalda commissioned by the city council found no discrepancies in city finances.

Results of the audit were briefed at the June city council meeting following allegations two months ago that city funds were missing.  At the time, Mayor Paul Bridges said no money was missing.  Now he's upset because he says what amounted to gossip caused the city to spend money it needs for other things.

"I know there's nothing amiss in the City of Uvalda regarding money.  The issue I have is that it was brought about by lies and gossip.  It cost the city's citizens $7,500 for that special audit and I'm angry about that," he said.

In May much of the mayor's authority to oversee city operations was delegated to Mayor Pro Tem Benny Sammons.  Even though the audit proved Mayor Bridge's right, his authority has yet to be restored, but he's okay with that.

"Unless there can be some changes in the city composition, I've worked two years really hard to get the city moving forward and to try to work and make sure the city is running effectively and efficiently.  If Benny can do a better job, I'm glad for him and I'll carry the title of mayor and be proud the city is moving forward," Mayor Bridges said.

The audit results should put to rest  a GBI investigation into Uvalda's finances, however, it still has an open investigation regarding cocaine which was allegedly planted in a truck owned by city maintenance worker Dexter Cason.

On June 11, a former city employee, Dallas Adams, was arrested on a GBI warrant for distribution of cocaine according to GBI agent Kendra Lynn.  Adams was booked at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and released on bond says Uvalda Police Chief Lewis Smith.