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June 18--  In a hearing conducted by Montgomery County Elections Superintendent Ruby Nell Sanders, it was ruled there was insufficient evidence that Uvalda Commissioner John Carpenter was not qualified to hold his office of Montgomery County Commissioner or to qualify for reelection to the position.   

Carpenter’s opponent in the upcoming July 31st primary, Sharon Strickland, filed the challenge to his eligibility on June 6th with Montgomery County election superintendent Ruby Nell Sanders.  Strickland filed the challenge because county records show that Carpenter has federal and state tax liens that total over $355,000 and that taxes were owed when he took office in back in 2008.   

In the ruling issued by Sanders, there was no evidence that a court ruled that Carpenter owed the taxes listed in the objection by Strickland.  Without a court ruling that Carpenter owed the taxes, he could not be disqualified from his position or from qualifying for reelection.  Strickland can appeal the decision to superior court within 10 days but immediately following the ruling she was unsure if she would file the appeal.