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June 8--  A Georgia company knows one thing about teaching young people, i.e., you've got to speak their language.


Members of the Vidalia Rotary got a 3-D demo at their Tuesday meeting. 

ViziTech USA is the brainchild of retired Army General Stewart Rodeheaver and it's using 3-D video to exploit the fact that today's generation spends seven hours a day in front of some type of screen:  TV, computer or Smart Phone.

{mosimage}Rodeheaver says students in 30 Georgia schools are improving retention of what they learn with 3-D.

"I would ask them what they learned in class yesterday and they would tell me about ten percent of what they learned.  I then said tell me what you last saw that you can remember the most and they would tell me about the last time they went to Disneyworld and they could tell me about scenes from Avatar, so we decided virtual 3-D was the way to go," he said.

"The teachers love it because it helps them compete with what the students bring to the classroom.  If a teacher has to stand up and teach from an outdated system and the student goes home and turns on a computer, they learn and see things in much higher resolution.  So this helps the teacher compete with what the child brings to school," he notes.

The company has a variety of programs in math and science which teach state-approved curriculum and is developing more.  

Based in Eatonton, ViziTech is the winner of "The Coolest Technology Company in Georgia" award in the annual Spirit of Endeavor competition.