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June 5--  The Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society is asking local citizens to donate food and supplies to the Vidalia Animal Shelter.  SOAPS President Therisa Ingley made the appeal.

"It has been one of the worst times for animals in our area.  All the shelters

are packed!!!  This means many more mouths to feed.  Chief Waits and

the Staff at Vidalia Animal Control (April, Vance, Kathy) work hard to save

lives and keep animals for as long as possible, but it takes a LOT MORE

supplies.  Please consider donating:

Dry or canned dog food

Dry or canned puppy food

Dry or canned cat food

Dry or canned kitten food

AND ESPECIALLY scoopable litter!!!!!

Their supplies are almost gone and they can use the help."

The Vidalia Animal Shelter is located on Airport Road.