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United Way Kickoff 2019September 20-- The local United Way held their annual campaign kickoff on Thursday at the First Baptist Church in Vidalia. Executive Director Patricia Dixon is excited about this year’s campaign and the new goal.

“I’m very excited. We’ve got a great campaign team again this year just like in the past. Good leadership and we’re going to have a fantastic year changing the game,” said Dixon. She added, “Our goal is $550,000 this year. We had a general training at the beginning of the campaign and each division sets their own goal, that way their invested in making sure they hit their goal. Add that all up and it’s our grand total.”

While the goal is the same as last year, the hope is to exceed that and they’re off to a great start. “We feel like we’ll hit it. We’re off to a great start but we’ve still got a lot to raise,” Said Dixon. Approximately 65% of the goal has been raised through events and large donors called “Pacesetters.” The golf tournament raised $16,000, Dancing for the Stars - $16,000, Vidalia City Schools - $25,000, Meadows Health - $30,000, Chicken of the Sea - $20,000, DOT Foods - $44,000, Trane - $181,681.

Jackson Pittman from the Paul Anderson Youth Home thanked everyone for their support of the United Way and how it affected his life. “I was blessed with the opportunity to come to the youth home because without it I would not be half the man I am today. I would still be in jail, I would still be an addict, a criminal, a liar, angry at the world, I wouldn’t have a family to support me and above all I wouldn’t know Jesus Christ,” said Pittman.

He added, “Without the help of the United Way and everything you do for us, the Paul Anderson Youth Home wouldn’t have the resources they need to help guys just like me. So on behalf of myself and everyone else who have and will be helped by the home, thank you for your continued support.”