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September 10--  Vidalia City Council Ward 4 Candidate Loyd Mobley filed the response below in regards to the Ethics Complaint filed against him.


Mr. Robert Lane

200 Piedmont Ave SE

Suite, 1416 – West Tower

Atlanta, GA 30334

RE: Case #2014-0045

Mr. Lane,

My name is Loyd Mobley and I am running for the 4th Ward on Vidalia City Council. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the allegations brought by Mr. Lawrence on August 28th, 2019. I believe the facts will clear up this issue and resolve these accusations.

On June 19th, 2019, Lisa Chesser announced that she was not running for reelection to city council. Around August 10th, I began to have some discussions with my friends, family, and coworkers about possibly running for this city council seat. One of the people I spoke with is Margie Beasley who does some of the graphics work for our office. She was excited about my running for this seat and on August 17th, without any prompting from me and without my knowledge, worked up a couple of logos that she thought I may want to use. She printed them out on some left-over paper from a previous job and brought them to me to consider. I took them home that night and put them on my kitchen counter. My granddaughter came over the same night and, being excited that I was running for city council, snapped a picture of one of the cards and posted it on her Facebook page without my knowledge or permission. On August 19th, I qualified to run for the city council seat and filled out all required paperwork.

As I hope you can tell from these events, there was never any purchase of any campaign materials. This was simply a friend excited about me running for city council and a proud granddaughter. Also, as you can see from my letterhead and any other campaign materials, we are not even using this original logo idea in my campaign.

The statute states, “Neither a candidate who is not a public officer nor his or her campaign committee may lawfully accept a campaign contribution until the candidate has filed with the commission a declaration of intention.” I never accepted a campaign contribution and I believe that my opponent knows this since he has multiple posts on Facebook announcing his candidacy, press releases, and news stories about his candidacy before he filed his DOI (see attached). This is just an attempt to create chaos and distract the voters from real issues.

I hope that this clarifies what happened and will put this issue to rest. It was not my intent to break any rule and I do not believe that I have. I would ask that this Commission close out this complaint as soon as possible. Again, thank you for the opportunity to respond to these allegations.


Loyd Mobley