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September 4--  A teacher at Sally Meadows Elementary School in Vidalia has been on pins and needles all week at Hurricane Dorian moved ever so slowly through the Bahamas and brought devastation to the island where her family lives.

Ashley Driggers of Tarrytown got a message relayed from her Dad,  "When I got the call on Monday morning, my Dad got word to someone to get a message to us that they were all safe.  It was the biggest relief because we had absolutely no idea whether they made it or not.  We'd just seen the decimation everywhere else and we're definitely thankful to hear that," she said.

greencay1Ashley learned today that her Mom and Dad's home suffered roof and water damage, but is still livable.  However, the same is not true about her brother's home, "His house is totally gone.  It's looks like possibly a tornado hit his house. They were finally able to fly over today and take some aerial shots and his house is totally flattened and he lives probably a quarter of a mile down the road from my parents.  So, it was probably a tornado because their house was left standing but his is totally gone," she said.

Ashley grew up on a small island in the Bahamas before attending  Valdosta State where she met her husband, Matt, "Our island is called Green Turtle Cay.  Approximately 500 people live there.  It's three miles long by one mile wide at its widest point, so it's a very, very small community.  If anybody goes on Facebook, they can friend me and see some of the pictures I have shared showing just how they have banded together since Monday to clean it up.  They definitely need a lot of help in rebuilding because so many people have lost their homes.

"There is a 'Go Fund Me' to just benefit this community itself with building needs, generators, tarps to start off with and as time goes on just help building their homes back." she reported.

Two ways to help-

Go fund me specially for Ashley's brother and his wife.

Go fund me for Green Turtle Cay -