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September 3--  A candidate running for the 4th Ward city council seat in Vidalia has filed a complaint alleging his opponent violated the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Act.

Logan Lawrence believes Loyd Mobley violated the law when Mobley's granddaughter posted campaign material on social media three days before he declared his candidacy.

Lawrence says he first learned about the law at a candidate's training session conducted by the state, "We learned that no candidate should be accepting or spending money towards his or her campaign before signing a declaration of intent.  That includes spending towards a campaign, taking money from a supporter or donating to your own campaign.  Whether the material was purchased through a professional vendor or Mr. Mobley printed the material himself, the material still constitutes an expenditure prior to signing that required declaration of intent.

"I believe in honesty and transparency and adherence to the rule of law.  I hope that my integrity and keen awareness and understanding of that law will benefit the people of this city if they decide to elect me in November," Lawrence said.

mobleyfacebookMobley says he has done nothing wrong, "The lady here in the office made me a couple of different designs on some cards to give out.  I carried them home and was looking at them and my granddaughter saw one of them and put it on Facebook.  It was an innocent thing for her to do, but that's all this is about.  That was before I qualified to run and I had not bought anything or done any spending, it was just something I was looking at.  Anyway, that's where this came from and I've done nothing wrong."

"This is to me a childish act by someone who would rather run on 'gotcha' politics and drama than issues which matter to the citizens of Vidalia. I'm going to run my campaign with a focus on the issues that affect taxpayers and that the citizens of Vidalia are truly concerned with, not all this kind of stuff here," Mobley said.

Mobley has 30 days to respond to the complaint with Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.