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September  3--  Toombs County Emergency Management Agency Director Lynn Moore issued the following information regarding Hurricane Dorian this morning on the radio stations of Vidalia Communications Corporation.

"It appears the hurricane is now moving one mile per hour, barely moving, headed north-northwest and it's going to stay outside the line of Hurricane Matthew which we had a couple of years ago.  That is a good report for citizens in Georgia because it means the hurricane is going to stay off the coast and the hurricane force winds are going to be further out in the ocean than they were.  It appears to be a good report for Georgia with the hurricane going up the coast of South Carolina and the latest landfall report has it barely skirting the city of Wilmington, North Carolina," Moore said.

When it comes to the whims of Mother Nature, nothing is 100%.

"Obviously if it goes up to Brunswick and takes a left, we're in big trouble, but none of the forecasters think that's going to happen.  Now Savannah is probably going to get some hurricane or tropical storm force winds and a surge up the Savannah River on Rivers Street, but it's not going to be as bad as expected.

"For us local folks, they're only predicting a 20% chance of rain on Thursday and maybe some wind gusts of 20 to 30 miles per hour.  As they say, we're going to escape this again."