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May 21--  The Uvalda City Council is limiting the authority of the town's mayor.

At its May meeting, the council passed three resolutions limiting the powers of Mayor Paul Bridges.

The council voted that all checks issued by the city include three signatures including the mayor, the city clerk and one member of the city council.

The second resolution stripped the mayor of any authority to direct the operation of the police department, city court, public works and finances of the city.  The authority was transferred to Mayor Pro Tem Bennie Sammons who was designated as the director and supervisor of all city employees.

The council also voted that no city official use any city hall equipment nor incur any expense on behalf of the city that is not directly related to city operations.

Mayor Bridges refused comment on the council's actions and referred questions to Sammons who, in turn, said he could not comment at this time.

The city has undergone an audit and expects results to be announced at its June meeting.   In April, Mayor Bridges told the council he welcomed the audit and said he didn't expect auditors "to find one penny missing."  

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says it will only investigate citizen suspicions of financial problems in the city if the audit turns up any irregularities.

Meanwhile, the GBI still has an open investigation regarding drugs which were found in a truck owned by city maintenance worker Dexter Cason.  Sources say an allegation was made that the drugs were planted in the truck in an effort to have him fired.  When the investigation started, another maintenance worker, Dallas Adams, quit coming to work and the city council voted at its April meeting to terminate his employment for job abandonment, according to Mayor Pro Tem Sammons.