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August 29--  Vidalia's new police chief says he's received a warm welcome during his first few weeks on the job and told Vidalia Rotarians, "I think it's a great city.  My wife and I are very pleasantly surprised at how hospitable the citizens here are."

rotaryvpdcbhiefRotarian Hal Chesser (left) invited Chief Scott (center) to address the club, Rotary President Steve McComas.

Chief Brian Scott came to Vidalia from the much larger Glynn County Police Department, but says being a police chief in a small town has always been his goal, "This was my ultimate goal and actually it was the ultimate goal to be a police chief in a small community.  So I was basically able to kill two birds with one stone here in Vidalia.  It's definitely been a blessing to be here.  I think God put us in this community, my family and I, and we're definitely thankful for it."

Chief Scott is interviewing each member of the department as part of his orientation, "It's a slow process. I've got 35 employees so it's going to take me a little while to gt to every one of them but the City of Vidalia has a lot of good men and women working at the Vidalia Police Department.  They're working really hard and they're dedicated to the community.  I think we just need to support them," he said.

The new chief is talking with the department's patrol chief, Captain James Jermon, about community relations, "You know just getting the citizens to know the officers through community events, public outreach and getting out into the community by doing community walks and letting the citizens know we're just like them and we all live in the same community together."

He's also reached out to neighboring law enforcement agencies and favors participation in the regional drug task force, "I've met with Sheriff Kight and Chief Walker in Lyons.  They're great guys and I think we're going to have a good working relationship.  I think we need to be a member of the drug task force and as we start getting some of our vacant positions filled, I'll look at allocating resources to some of these specialized divisions."