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By Bobby George

August 28-- Students in the Dual Enrollment United States History class at Vidalia High School participated in a mock debate concerning the Boston Massacre.

bostonmassacreThe students are (front row left to right): Ryan Norfleet, Logan Roose, Jesslyn Phillips, Reagan McDonald, Madison Burton, Campbell Adams

(back row): Clay Morris, Anthony Murphy, Reagan Miller, Jackson Crawley, Jonathan Morris, Yordin Barrios Mendez, Dawson Campbell, Walker McCord, Ethan Wright, Reid Cabe

The Juniors formed groups and researched primary source articles from the 1770's, written by  British officials, American eye witnesses, and the Boston Gazette.

The students planned their debate strategy to defend their group's perspective and to prove that the responsibility of the massacre was on their opponents.

This was a hands-on educational activity to learn how to use primary sources to understand key facts and perspectives, how to work within a group to formulate a valid argument, and how to develop effective discussion and debate skills.

The students enjoyed this debate and plan to conduct more throughout the course as they study the various conflicts in American history.