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August 29--  The Mercy Clinic in Lyons is leading the way nationally in providing health and spiritual care to its patients.

The clinic's Mercy University led by Clint Hutcheson regularly offers "Faith and Finance" classes and the company which provides the curriculum reports he has conducted more classes than any of the other 10,000 ministries it serves in the country.

The Mercy Clinic is a non-profit which helps the unemployed with medical care, but Hutcheson says it's much more, "People aren't numbers.  Everybody has a story, everybody has a life and we're all connected together.  We're able to do what we're doing here in this community because of the community.  As we work together as the body of Christ and give our talents and our resources, this can be one amazing community.  There's no need for anyone to be left out as we work together.  We can solve all of our problems through Christ."

Mercy Clinic is able to take care of a patient for an average cost of $1,000 a year, "None of us are islands.  We all need each other and it's time for us to take back some of the freedoms we've given away.  We can do healthcare here in this county and we're a good example of that happening right here," Hutcheson says.

"We believe this is a great model for everyone to look at.  When a community looks at the resources God has given them and be able to come together, we can definitely make decisions in Toombs County which are better for Toombs County than Washington or anybody can.  The process for us to quit looking out for answers and to start looking at what we have here can revolutionize healthcare and other industries.  It's happening here in such a way that people are recognizing it and saying 'You know, we can do this better.'  That's just the way God intended it to be," Hutcheson added.

The Mercy Clinic is partnered with the Vidalia Rotary Club and other Rotary Clubs in the area to supply needed medicine free of charge to Mercy patients.  Members of the club held one of its meetings at the Clinic for an update.


(L-R) Rotarian Greg Hudgens, Mercy Ministries CEO Carly Benton, Rotary President Steve McComas and Rotarian Tres Herin who spearheaded the Rotary partnership with Mercy Ministries.