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August 26--  Two Vidalia natives are running in the November 5th city election to succeed Fourth Ward City Council member Lisa Chesser who is not seeking re-election.

Logan Lawrence is a recent UGA graduate who works for a Vidalia law firm. His opponent, Loyd Mobley, is an executive with Building Materials Corporation.

We asked them both why they are running and here's what Loyd Mobley had to say.

loydmobleyLoyd Mobley

"I've been here all my life and raised my kids here.  I've always been proud to say I am from Vidalia.  I've always thought about doing it and think this might be the right time to take the step.  The city could use someone who has experience in some areas where I think I can help.  I look forward to getting out and talking with my friends and neighbors over the next few months and sharing my vision for Vidalia.

"I want to focus on the future and now dwell on the past.  In the next four years I want to take advantage of the opportunities we have in the city and go with what we've done through the years.  I'm proud of what our forefathers have done and I want to carry that on.

"I see some areas we should really work on.  We should really make the crime in Vidalia a top priority.  Like everywhere else, it's escalated.  That's not anything against our police force, but we need to put more resources to get a better handle on it and that's something that's a priority for me.

"I'm very proud to hear they are doing a pay study for our police department and fire department employees.  That's something that's needed.  We need to pay them a fair wage and that will help us get started. 

"The important thing is to listen to what the people want, not just what I want or somebody else wants.  You're there to work for the people who elected you and that's what I want to do. 

"Anyone who wants to talk with me, my cell phone is 293-5737 and I'm open to talk with anybody."