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By Lion Larry Griggers

August 23-- Two classes of First Grade students at Robert Toombs Christian Academy were delighted to take a break from their studies to "look at the kaleidoscope” inside a fancy looking box and have their vision screened by members of the Lyons Lions Club.

The high-tech, state-of-the-art vision screening device, which the club was recently able to purchase, gives an instant indication of whether the student's vision is within acceptable range or needs to be formally examined by an eye doctor.

After the screening, the school was given a report and 12.5% of the students taking the exam had an indication their parents needed to have their eye's checked.

lionsvision(L-R) Maggie Joseph of the Lions Lighthouse Foundation Savannah office and Lyons Lions Club members Alysa Marsicano, Debbie Griggers, Lucretia Nobles and Nan Price. Lions present to assist with the project, but not pictured, were Hayne Brant, Larry Griggers, and Jason Hall.

First Vice President Larry Griggers said, "Parents often are unaware that their child has a vision problem. Good vision is critical to academic success and the earlier these problems are detected and corrected, the better the student will perform at school. The members of the Lyons Lions Club are thrilled that we were able to purchase this vision screening device and add these free visions screenings to the list of services we provided to the Lyons community.”

Lions President Jason Hall said that it was the goal of the local club to provide free vision screening to all of the children in each of Toombs County’s schools, grades 1-3.

Helping people in the community to have good vision is one of the five major initiatives of Lions International. The motto of Lions International is "We serve!” and the Lyons Lions Club is striving to be responsive to that call!