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August 22--  Both candidates who have qualified to succeed Vidalia At-Large City Council Member Kailey Dees say they are seeking the job because they want to serve the citizens of Vidalia.

We asked both Bob Dixon and former Vidalia Police Chief Frank Waits the same question, Why Are You Running?

Here's what  they said.

Frank Waits:  "I think the council needs to do what the citizens of Vidalia want, not what the council wants.  If I win, I want the public to come to council meetings and be able to talk without having a time limit.  I want the public to know that we work for them and it's not the other way around that they work for us.  I also want the employees to know they're citizens, too. You have to take care of your employees as much as you take care of anyone.  That's what made me decide to run.  I want to be a council person for everyone, not just certain ones."

Bob Dixon:  "I think just the desire to continue serving and help and encourage people has been the key and I think I can do that. I think my accounting background will help with budgeting and the efficiency of the city by trying to run it like a business.  I just feel like it's a good opportunity and a good time to do it.  It's something I've wanted to do for a while and it's an opportunity to serve.  I just love Vidalia.  My grandfather came when he was a young man and raised my Dad and his brothers and Dad had us in Vidalia.  We've all stayed around and now we're trying to get this generation up and plugged in to serve the community.  That's what my grandfather taught me and that's what my uncles and my Dad have done for years.  Now it's an opportunity for me to step up and serve and I hope he people of Vidalia will allow me to do that."

In an upcoming report we'll talk with the other two candidates for the Fourth Ward seat being vacated by Lisa Chesser, Logan Lawrence and Loyd Mobley.