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By Toombs County School Superintendent Barry Waller

August 16-- Test scores at both elementary schools in the Toombs County School System continue to rise. The school system is happy to report that scores at both Lyons Upper Elementary School and Toombs Central Elementary School are out-performing the state average in both Developing Learner and above categories as well as Proficient Learner and above categories on the Georgia Milestones Assessment System (GMAS).

Individually, the students at Toombs Central Elementary School continue to perform well in all tested areas and have scored double digit percentage points above the state average in all of the tested areas of the Georgia Milestones (3rd grade English/Language Arts, 3rd grade Math, 4th grade English/Language Arts, 4th grade Math, 5th grade English/Language Arts, 5th grade Math, 5th grade Science, and 5th grade Social Studies).

TCES Principal Tonawanda Irie says; “The importance of teachers knowing their standards and the consistency of practice in using the language of the standards in all grade levels and all subjects is the key to our success”.

Meanwhile, Lyons Upper Elementary School continues to excel as well, with students performing at or above the state scoring average on the Georgia Milestones in 3rd grade English/Language Arts, 3rd grade Math, 4th grade Math, as well as 5th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies.

LUES Principal stated; “Our staff knows that education benefits every aspect of a child’s life, health, and well-being, so it is our goal to teach the whole child and prepare him/her to be positive contributors to our community. We are proud of the work our staff does on a daily basis and the continuous support we receive from our community.

Toombs County School Superintendent Barry Waller concludes, “We are so proud of the investment by our administrators, teachers, and staff into the lives of our students at both of our elementary schools. Our school system is a special place and our folks work tirelessly to ensure our students get what they need to be successful not only in the classroom but in life”.