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Blake Tillery HealthcareAugust 12-- Senator Blake Tillery met Thursday with a group of local concerned citizens, industry leaders, and business owners at the Toombs-Montgomery Chamber of Commerce building to hear their concerns on the healthcare industry in the state of Georgia and how it effects them.

Tillery was recently named to the 40 member Healthcare Waiver Stakeholder Group by Governor Brian Kemp. The stakeholder group is comprised of members of all aspects of the healthcare industry in Georgia to come up with solutions to drive down healthcare costs.

“It’s 40 members who are trying to look at this plan to provide a little feedback on the waiver process. A lot of those are academics, some are insurers, some are healthcare providers, and some are hospital systems. Where I view my role, I want to make sure we are putting a face behind those statistics,” said Tillery.

The stakeholder group came about as a result of Senate Bill 106 guided by Senator Tillery. Tillery said, “Senate Bill 106 did start this process, seeing if we can find more creative ways to help healthcare costs. I was carrying it on behalf of the Governor, he really gets the credit if this works.”

“Participations been is what participation is, people are busy and I appreciate the folks who have shown up. We’ve probably had 15 or 20 at each and I’m grateful for that. It really shows us that healthcare really is a huge issue in our area, second only to jobs,” said Tillery.