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rickallenAugust 8-- Congressman Rick Allen is making his rounds throughout the district during the month of August while on break from Washington. Allen touted the economy and jobs.

“We have the best economy in the world. We have more jobs than job seekers. Everybody I talk to, and I spend a great amount of time with business people, especially small businesses, and their business is great but they just can’t find a skilled workforce out there,” said Allen. He added, “I was at the White House six months ago when we signed up four million apprenticeships. The President announced at his last rally that we’re up to twelve million apprenticeships.”

China is another issue that needs immediate attention. “Obviously we’ve got this battle with China. I’ve just told the President we just need to find somebody else to do business with. We’ve got to find somebody that will give us a reasonable price for our cotton and then agree to buy the shirts they make,” said Allen. He added, “we need to do this sooner than later, this stuff takes time.”

The politics in Washington is making it hard to get anything done. “I’m going to say something here; there are politicians that could give a flip about the American people. They could give a flip about God fearing people having the ability to protect themselves,” said Allen.

He added, “It’s all about winning elections and power and anybody who gets in their way, you can’t imagine the demonization. I’ve been demonized about my beliefs and what they’re saying about the President, it’s awful.”