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August 1--  According to the latest Georgia Milestones Report on academic performance, Vidalia High School students who are not taking part in dual enrollment courses are having a difficult time with proficiency in their classes.

Assistant School Superintendent Ginger Morris says, "Those students we pull out for dual enrollment for college classes do really, really well," but the Milestone report shows that non-dual enrollment students in six out of seven subject areas need help to meet proficiency standards at the next grade level.

The only subject where the majority of those students shows proficiency is Biology.

In American Literature and Composition, fully 100% need help, 87% need help in Physical Science, 82% in Algebra 1, 74% in Economics, 71% in U.S. History and 67% in Geometry.

Because the scores of all the students are not reflected in the Milestones report, Morris believes it's not a true reflection of the overall academic performance at the high school, "Because of dual enrollment and the high school credit in the middle school and how that affects what the overall score looks like, the grade or the raw date doesn't truly reflect the good work that's going on in the school system.  We always encourage our stakeholders to come in and visit and watch a class because I think we're phenomenal in so many different areas.  There's always room for growth because we always want to be moving forward, but we've got a lot of good things going on."