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April 27-- As CRCT testing fast approaches, we have an opportunity to reach each classroom with academic content through our morning television program since our weather station has been activated.  

Sixth grade students at Montgomery County Elementary School have been busy teaching “mini” lessons about science related topics.  Six students have been appearing on the school’s morning television program, GMME TV, teaching these “mini” lessons such as tornadoes and hurricanes to how simple and complex machines make our lives easier.   

Thanks to a grant we received, it has enabled the elementary school to purchase a WeatherHawk Weather Station to be used every morning on Good Morning Montgomery Elementary (GMME-TV).  One of the mini lessons the sixth graders presented was “How to read and understand weather data”.  During the lesson, students were taught how the weather station registers and records weather data that can help forecast and determine what weather conditions are like and how to make predictions about future weather events. 

In addition, students also learned about the functions of the barometer, anemometer, wind vane, rain gauge, as well as rain measurement.  The weather station records and saves data to be transferred daily to a central point in Denver, Colorado.  Friday is our “Quiz Day” when we have a ten question quiz presented live on the TV channel at the school.  Classes listen, discuss, and work cooperatively in each of the 25 homerooms to best answer the multiple choice questions.  The winning homeroom gets an “AirHead” chewy fruit bar along with a group picture aired on the show for the following week. 

{mosimage}Thanks to Brittany Braddy, Taylor Brazzanovich, Jansen Killian, Andrew Poole, Makayla Wells, and MaryBeth White, for making our “So What Do You Know about Weather and Science” segment possible.