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April 21--  The Montgomery County Commission has passed a resolution supporting the Montgomery County school system and asking citizens in the county to do the same.  The resolution was signed at the commission's March meeting by Chairman Franklin Brantly and Commissioners Vernon Sumner and Brandon Braddy.  Commissioner Clarence Thomas was absent from the meeting and Commissioner John Carpenter voted against the resolution.

The resolution was presented to representatives of the school system at the commission's April meeting.


(L-R) Lendle Hamilton, Board Member (representing the Board Members);Randy Rodgers, Superintendent; Franklin Brantley, Commission Chairman; Brittany Deen, Principal (Elem. School – accepting resolution for all the administrators); Rachel Thigpen, 4th grade student (accepting resolution for the entire student body);Debbie Thipen, (accepting resolution for all classified staff); Zellen Robinson, 4th grade teacher (accepting resolution for the entire teaching staff); Brandon Braddy, Commissioner