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April 18--  The Montgomery County school system is considering whether it will appeal a decision by the state school board which revoked the dismissal of three school teachers.

Lisa Parker, a Middle School science teacher; Allie Rhodes, a Middle School social studies teacher; and second grade teacher Marilyn Haymans were terminated last year as part of a reduction in force in the school system.

The decision was upheld by a tribunal of third-party educators after a hearing last October.  

The trio appealed to the state school board which overruled the tribunal and said the school system did not use objective criteria in choosing whom would be released as a result of the reduction in force.  The state board described the decision as "arbitrary and capricious."

Montgomery County School Superintendent Randy Rodgers says if the school board decides to appeal the state board's ruling it would be filed in Montgomery County Superior Court.

Meanwhile, the teachers' attorney, Macky Bryant of Vidalia, has told the local newspaper the teachers are entitled to full back pay until a final decision in the case is rendered.