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April 17--  The mayor of Uvalda says he welcomes an audit of the city's financial records.

Mayor Paul Bridges told Tuesday night's meeting of the city council he doesn't think there will be anything for the GBI to investigate once the audit is done.

"I'm glad the GBI is looking into it because I want a thorough investigation and I want anything to be uncovered that might be there, but I don't think they are going to find one penny missing," Mayor Bridges said.

Uvalda Mayor Pro Tem Benny Sammons told the council all of the city's records will be audited including police department and water department receipts.  One citizen in attendance said she had heard as much at $19,000 might be missing, but Mayor Bridges disagreed.  

The GBI says it is awaiting audit results before taking any action on allegations of financial problems, however, it does have an open drug-related investigation instigated by drugs allegedly being found in the truck of longtime city maintenance employee Dexter Cason.

The council had withheld a week's pay from Cason in February in an incident unrelated to the drug investigation, however, it reversed that decision Tuesday night and approved the payment. At the same time, the council voted to fire maintenance worker Dallas Adams who has worked for the city since January.  No reason was given for the termination.

The council also agreed to move forward with a $57,100 contract with McLendon Construction to upgrade a city sewage treatment pump station and it approved a new policy prohibiting the use of city equipment and labor on private property.