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June 12--  The City of Vidalia is trying to stop the wife of it's fired police chief from commenting on his separation.

City Attorney Justin Franklin sent a letter to former Chief Frank Waits' local attorney asking him to have Pam Waits remove her Facebook posts about city council members and City Manager Nick Overstreet and to refrain from making any further comments.

The letter to attorney Mitch Shook claims the chief's wife is considered the Chief's agent under provisions of his separation agreement which prohibits "the parties and their agents" from making any disparaging remarks regarding the other party or their agents.

In response, Pam Waits said, "I refuse to comply. I am a citizen, I pay my taxes, and I vote. With the perseverance of our news reporters, I think everyone knows by now that city officials have lied to their constituents trying to sully Chief Waits reputation and it backfired. But as long as they continue to assault my husband’s integrity after everything he’s done for them and this community 24/7/365, 14 years! They are the ones disparaging the city, they do not need my help."

The city paid Chief Waits a $90,623 settlement after it violated its own personnel policies regarding employee terminations.

The chief's latest performance reports by the city manager gave him high marks and his wife believes his firing had more to do with what he was costing the city in medical bills.  The city self-insures employees up to $40,000 a year and the chief's medical bills the last three years have cost the city $120,000 plus monthly premiums, according to information provided in response to a freedom of information request.

The city refused a request for correspondence from the city manager to the city attorney regarding Mrs. Waits, citing attorney-client privilege.

Meanwhile, Chief Waits has been honored by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police with a Life Time Membership for his service to law enforcement.

Frank V. Rotondo is the Association's Executive Director, "In Frank Wait's case, he had 18 years as CEO with two different agencies (Vidalia and Kingsland) and basically made a difference in both of those agencies to the very positive sense and the board recognized that.  Regretfully, he's no longer the Chief of Vidalia, but he has a total commitment from the membership of being an outstanding police chief and an excellent board member."