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April 16--  The Toombs County school board is launching its search for a school superintendent to succeed Dr. Kendall Brantley who is retiring.

Bill Sampson with the Georgia School Boards Association is helping the board identify candidates for the job.

"We have a lot of interest and I expect we'll have between 30 and 40 applicants for this position," he said.

The GSBA will distribute brochures on the job to some 1,200 contacts in May following approval of the brochure by the school board.

Citizens can provide input to the school board on the type of superintendent they would like to see hired.

"Public participation in this is important.  We want it to be transparent and want the people in Toombs County to know every step of the way what's happening," Sampson notes.

You can participate in the community survey by clicking on the link below.

The school board has called a meeting at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, May 3rd to review the recruiting brochure.

Ultimately it will decide on the top three applicants whose names will be announced at least fourteen days before a hiring decision is made.

Sampson believes the process can be completed before school starts in August, however, School Board Chairman Daniel Caraway emphasizes it's more important to do it right than to do it fast.