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April 5--  One of the four candidates seeking the Republican nomination to run against Congressman John Barrow in the 12th District says it's time for the country to get back to basics.

State Representative Lee Anderson of Columbia County spoke to Vidalia Tea Party Patriots Tuesday after visits to Montgomery and Appling counties.

"We need to get back to what government was really meant to be and that's to protect the people.  We need to get education out of the federal level and get it back to the state and local level.  We must balance the budget.  As a state representative, school board member and county commissioner, I had to balance a budget.  I'm the only candidate with the experience to go to Washington and balance the budget," Anderson said.

The new 12th Congressional District has a higher percentage of Republican voters than the old district and Anderson believes that's good news for conservatives.

"The main objective is to send Obama and John Barrow home.  People are fed up with almost 50 percent of the population not paying any taxes and the working people are totin' the whole load," he said.

Other declared Republicans in the race are retired naval officer Wright McLeod and businessman Rick Allen, both of the Augusta area, and Marie Sheffield who ran unsuccessfully for state Insurance Commissioner in 2010.