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April 27--  A veteran Vidalia Onion eater scored his seventh title Saturday afternoon at the World Famous Vidalia Onion Eating Contest sponsored by the Vidalia Lions Club.  Seventeen competitors took part in three age categories.

onionrussFifty-three-year-old Russ Wagner of Vidalia downed eight Sweet Vidalia Onions in three minutes to beat out six other competitors in the adult category.

onioncameronThe 12 to 16 age category was won by 14-year-old Cameron Savinjewicz by consuming eight Vidalia's.

oniongirlsHis eight-year-old sister, Maci (L), and nine-year-old Layla Sikes tied for first in the "up to age 11" category by downing five onions each.

It was the first time in the competition's history that the late Lion Barron Godbee was not on hand to emcee the contest.  Lion Macky Bryant succeeded Barron but said "no one can replace him in the job."