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March 23--  The Toombs County Commission has approved changes to the county's commission district lines.

The state reapportionment office recommended the changes to a previously approved map in order to increase minority representation in District One which is represented by Commissioner Roy Lee Williams.  The adjustment added population from Lyons to District One and removed it from District Three represented by Commission Skeeter Toole.

The map requires approval by the U.S. Department of Justice and local legislation in the Georgia General Assembly before it can be finalized.

In other actions at a called meeting Wednesday, the commission approved a $150,000 economic development loan to Tommie and Clint Williams of Lyons to do some renovation work on the old Capitol Bolt Building on Highway 292 in Lyons.  Williams Development. LLP will lease the building to U.S. Pet to use as a packaging and distribution center.  It's a four-year loan at three percent interest.