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March 21--  There's a Cornhole Tournament going on at the Vidalia Community Center this weekend that's attracting players from all over the country, according to Frank Geers with the American Cornhole Organization.

"The furthest group traveling is coming in from California and we've got groups from Connecticut, Illinois, Tennessee and Ohio.  So they're coming in from all over the country and it's going to be a good party there in Vidalia, that's for sure," he says.

There's almost $20,000 in prize money in games that start Friday night and continue all day Saturday and Sunday at the Vidalia Community Center.  Anyone can enter the contests which are similar to horseshoes.

"It's the top tailgating game in the United States.  It's a game where you have two platforms or boards that have a six-inch hole cut in them placed 27 feet apart.  You have one pound bags and each team or each player competing has four bags and the object is to put your bag in the hole from 27 feet.  That's a cornhole when you throw a bag through the hole.  The traditional name of cornhole came from the fact that you were throwing bags filled with corn through a hole," he says.  Today the bags are filled with beans.

The Vidalia Area Convention and Visitors Bureau invited tournament organizers to town for the event under the corporate sponsorship of Cintas.

Spectators are welcome and if you want to play, you can enter singles, doubles and four-person crew competition.  

"f you're not aware of what the game is, on our website, there's a lot of video footage where you can see some competitors playing at the highest level and also see the social levels out there playing.  It's a wonderful game that sort of originated with tailgating and that's what we'll be doing in Vidalia this weekend," Geers says.

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