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March 19--  Toombs County is paying severance money to the recently resigned county manager.

In response to a Freedom of Information request, the county reported it is paying Doug Eaves $47,538.48 for six months salary and six weeks of accrued vacation time.  

Eaves resigned March 13 and said in his resignation letter part of the reason was because of "circumstances beyond my control."

County attorney Howard Kaufold says Eaves' contract contained a provision that he would receive a severance package "if he resigned following a suggestion to resign whether formal or informal."

In an interview, Eaves said he could not comment on circumstances surrounding his decision to resign. However, he noted his contract was similar to many endorsed by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) due to the political nature of jobs occupied by county managers. 

Eaves started work as Toombs County's first county manager in October, 2008.  His contract was renewed by the county in October, 2010.

Eaves letter of resignation says:

"It is with regret that I tender my resignation effective March 13, 2012 from Toombs County.  I have enjoyed my employment with Toombs and feel that we have made a great contribution towards the future of the county.

"Due to circumstances beyond my control and the opportunity to pursue other business interests at this time that is important to me and in the best interest of my family, I tender this resignation.  I leave knowing that Toombs County is in a better financial and managerial situation than when I started.  I leave with a sense of satisfaction knowing the improvements we have made.

"I wish you and the county well in your future endeavors."