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March 14--  The partnership between the Sweet Onion Animal Society (SOAPS) in Vidalia and the Atlanta Humane Society paid off big time last weekend.


SOAPS has been taking small groups of cats and dogs from this area to Atlanta for some time, however, last Saturday Andrea Peacock and others from the Humane Society brought a trailer truck to Vidalia and picked up 65 dogs and 38 cats.


"We had gotten a phone call from Penny with SOAPS and they are strapped for foster homes and transport and we told her if they could get enough together to justify the trip we would come down.  Right away she was able to get a ton of animals together which needed our help so we came down and got them," Peacock reports.

Penny Rowe says the animals came from many sources and kept many from ending up in local shelters.

"We took in animals from the community to keep them from ever going into a shelter and we pulled multiple animals from shelters in Mount Vernon, Vidalia and Hazlehurst," she said.

{mosimage}Peacock says the animals from the Vidalia area will be offered up for adoption. "We have a lot of people who just walk in the doors.  We put every animal up on our website and about 70 to 80% of adopters see their pictures on line and come in," she notes.

Meanwhile, Penny Rowe hopes this will become a regular trip for the Humane Society since the need in this area is so great.

"We are just overwhelmed with the animal population in our area.  We have more than we have adopters and we just called on Atlanta Humane to help us out and they did so and we saved 103 animals in one day," she says.