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March 12--  Dr. Kendall Brantley has been with the Toombs County school system for the past 30 years and has spent the last 20 years as school superintendent.

Last week he announced his retirement.  "Well actually my wife was experiencing some health problems and she retired and I'm at the point in my life where I'm eligible for social security," he says.

Dr. Brantley is remaining at interim superintendent until the school board can find a replacement.  "I wanted to work a bit more in terms of getting a new superintendent transitioned into the appointment by not only a new board but by a board that had been serving quite a while so they could lend their hand in the appointment process because two or three of them will be stepping down in the near future," he noted.

"I certainly have always enjoyed it and it has been a true pleasure serving the people of Toombs County.  Being associated with the children and the many graduates who have come through the system has been a joy," he said.

Dr. Brantley has seen a lot of changes in public education during his career and says many problems now facing schools are a reflection of today's society.

"Almost half of our children come from single parent homes and of course we have several nationalties in our schools with students with limited English speaking abilities, so we have a lot of things to deal with that weren't on the table 50 years ago, I'm sure," he said.