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February 28--  First grade teacher Kim Reynolds files a report on learning in February at Montgomery County Elementary School.

"This month our first grade students at Montgomery County Elementary School have been busy working and learning. We have participated in many different activities that took place during the  February. 

February is heart awareness month. During Health class with Coach Meadows, our students learned about ways they can improve their heart health. They discussed the importance of exercise and healthy eating. Before our winter break we observed President’s Day. Our students recalled information they had learned about Presidents Washington and Lincoln and we discussed the importance of the President and our current President Barack Obama.  February is also Black History month. First grade students participated in this by reading or listening to books written by Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes as well as other important authors.

Our first grade students are studying Science this semester. They are learning about the scientific method and how we can observe the world around us. We have studied topics like weather and the water cycle.  Dr. Chris Jones, father of first grade student Isaiah Jones and chemistry professor and Provost from Brewton-Parker College visited with us and demonstrated several chemistry experiments.

{mosimage}First, Dr. Jones instructed the students about safety when performing such experiments. He told them about safety goggles and making sure they have proper supervision when performing any experiment. Then Dr. Jones demonstrated how different chemicals react when they are mixed together.

For his first experiment, Dr. Jones mixed two clear chemicals in a cup. When this happened the clear chemicals changed to a purple color. Our students were amazed to see this reaction take place. Later, Dr. Jones added vinegar to this solution and the color changed back to clear. He instructed the students that this occurred because he had mixed an acid chemical and a base chemical together.

Next our students observed as Dr. Jones mixed vinegar and baking soda causing a reaction that made the two chemicals fizz or bubble up, as one student said.  Last, Dr. Jones amazed the students by pouring water into a cup in which he had placed some white, chemistry powder. He then turned the cup upside down and to the student’s amazement, no water fell out. The water and powder had mixed together to form a gel. He told the children that this is the same reaction that occurs in diapers and that a Scientist had created the powder for use in diapers.

February has been a busy month. Our students have been working hard and have had fun learning new things about the world around them."