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mlksigns192January 21--  The Grand Marshall of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in Vidalia says Dr. King, if alive today, would urge conciliation from all parties to resolve the impasse in the nation's capitol.

mlkrosemillerRose Marie Rhodes-Miller heads up the Baltimore office of the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, "I think he would be trying to talk with the Congress and with the President to have them come to some reason with respect to what's going on with this whole issue of the government shutdown.  The blame is not one person or one party, it's all of the politicians up in Washington not trying to meet with a conciliatory spirit, and that's what we need here, a conciliatory spirit."

A member of the Community Men in Action, which sponsors the parade in Vidalia, Martin Luther Wardlaw reminds us that Dr. King, for whom he is named, brought about change in a non-violent way, "He changed the country by using peace, by using non-violence, with prayer and the help of God.  He used those tools that will work, love, peace and patience."

Even though the country has changed since Dr. King's crusades in the 1960's, Luther Wardlaw believes it's still a work in progress.  "It's a shame he would have to fight the same battles today that he had to fight a long time ago and he would have to do it in every community.  It's not just the white community, or the black community, but it's all inclusive and he would be fighting the same battles in every community."