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January 18--  The woman who has attracted national attention because of conditions in her breeding kennels in Montgomery County and Candler County is now facing animal cruelty charges in Montgomery County.

angelapowellmcshoFifty-one-year old Angela Powell of Ailey was charged in Candler County after Sheriff John Miles found 167 German Shepherds living in filth on January 2.  At a meeting in late December, Montgomery County Commissioners were asked to take action regarding Powell's kennel in Higgston where 91 dogs were living in mud, feces and urine.

The conditions attracted animal rights groups who converged on Higgston and Metter to examine and remove the dogs.  Three of the dogs in Candler County were in such bad shape they had to be euthanized, however, Montgomery County Sheriff Doug Maybin says, to is knowledge, none had to be put down in Montgomery County. 

Powell was charged Monday, January 14 and Sheriff Maybin says he held off on filing charges in order not to interfere with rescue efforts, "Miss Powell had voluntarily agreed to give up the dogs to the rescue.  We didn't want to upset that process in any way.  We never promised anything about not charging her or not having any criminal charges, so while she was cooperating with the Guardians (an animal rights group for New York) we waited to get the veterinarian assessments.  We got some of that back, not all of it and we're still waiting on some of it and it may be another week or two before we get all of it, but we had enough and we wanted to go ahead and get her under bond."

Powell was released under a $2,500 bond in Montgomery County and a $10,000 bond in Candler County.

"We feel better about it because all the dogs have gotten rescued and that was our number one main goal.  All of them were checked, all of them were vetted and all of them were micro-chipped with the Guardians. The rescue went well and all of the dogs have been placed.  This problem that has been going on since 2012 or before has finally come to an end," Sheriff Maybin said.

Investigations are still going on in both Montgomery and Candler counties and officers says more charges may be filed.