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January 8--  The City of Lyons hopes 2019 brings increased wastewater treatment capacity to benefit growth at the Toombs Corporate Center on U.S. Highway One north of town.

willisnesmith2Mayor Willis NeSmith says four companies are competing for the multi-million dollar project,"We're going forward with our wastewater treatment plants.  We've gone through it with the teams and I'd say by February we'll come down to one team and be able to start doing some things on that."

This past year Lyons was able to make more improvements at Partin Park, "We did a Lyons Environmental and Educational Trail and built a pavilion along with that so we've got more walking trails out there now," and in the new year the mayor says improvements will be made at Faison Park, "That's going to be a real big work in process with a lot of phases and hopefully we'll have a lot more to add over that way."

Mayor NeSmith believes 2019 will be the year that Toombs County's first traffic roundabout will be installed,"It's going to be at the crossroads of Highway 292 and Oxley Drive.  It will save us money instead of putting a red light there and it does keep the traffic flowing constantly all four ways."

He's also encouraged about an increase in private investment downtown and says the city is considering some more downtown parking, "The downtown has been growing and we've had a couple of new businesses to open up.  The problem we're having now is parking which is a good problem to have.  We're working on that and expect to do some paving behind our Main Street office so we'll have more parking spaces back there some time this year."