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January 7--  After completing a couple of multi-million dollar projects in 2018, Vidalia Mayor Ronnie Dixon expects a less stressful pace for the city in the new year.

"We had a really good year.  We completed the Pal Theater and had two or three big projects we were working on.  We had paving projects including Mose Coleman Road, Michael Collins Road, Airport Road and Miracle Lane we completed in 2018.  We had the aquatic center completed which is a very nice addition to our city.  We're hoping 2019 is going to be a little bit less on us.  We had a lot of sales tax dollars which were spent on these projects and we're glad to have those completed," the Mayor said.

On the agenda in 2019, "We'll be resurfacing several roads around town and we're expecting an infrastructure project on water and sewage in the Bay Street area which will be approximately $1.2 million.  We are also planning on having a grand opening for the Pal Theater sometime in January or February," he said.

A big unknown when it comes to city budgeting is the cost of healthcare.  The city self-insures employees for the most part and the mayor says it's a moving target every year.  Otherwise, he's happy with the city's financial status, "We're getting back in a good sound financial situation and I think moving forward we're going to be in really good shape."