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January 4--  A woman who breeds German Shepherds in Montgomery and Candler Counties is charged with animal cruelty.

angelapowellAccording to the Candler County Sheriff's Office, Angela Powell turned herself in Wednesday night and was booked in the county jail in Metter.

She moved some of her dogs to Candler County last year after complaints from family and community members about the overcrowding, smell and noise created by hundreds of dogs confined to her kennel in Higgston.

The issue was brought to the attention of the Montgomery County Commission at a meeting last week, however, the county has no jurisdiction in the City of Higgston and Higgston Mayor Donna Powell, sister of the jailed woman, says Higgston has no enforcement officer to enforce violations.

Montgomery County Sheriff Doug Maybin has met with state officials regarding conditions at the kennel in Higgston, "What we're working toward is to get these dogs to a better place and then we'll deal with the rest of it."

A New York animal rescue group, the Guardians of Rescue, is working to get the dogs relocated, "There may be some sick dogs out there, but that's what the Guardians are coming in to do an assessment for before we move them out of here.  They want to see which ones are sick, which ones may be hurt or if there are any aggressive dogs so they can handle with them with the different types of rescues," Sheriff Maybin said.

"I think we're coming to a point where we will get all the dogs or a majority of the dogs out of that situation.  I don't think she has a license from the Department of Agriculture to get back in the breeding business again.  That's one thing I'd like to make sure of is that she can't get back in business again, if possible.  I've got to go by what the law does and what the law says and I'm going to do everything in my power to do that," he noted.