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January 22--  Kim Frix from Lyons Upper Elementary School reports on some special science demonstrations last week.

     {mosimage}"On January 19th and 20th, a special visitor arrived on the campus of Lyons Upper Elementary School.  It was the National Science Center’s Mobile Discovery Center, arranged by the Academic and Creative Excellence (ACE) teacher, Mrs. Ann Murphy.   Students in fourth and fifth grades from Lyons Upper Elementary School and Toombs Central Elementary School were able to learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, Van de Graff generator, plasma ball, persistence of vision, and an acoustical glass breaker. 

Leading the demonstrations were Sgt. First Class Steve Navarro (left) and Sgt. First Class Michael Tindal.  Students volunteered for each activity with much enthusiasm!  Students had fun seeing how static electricity ran through one person to another while each students’ hair filled with electricity!  Even teachers volunteered for this activity!  Students also explored how you could look at a flag that was colored green, black, and yellow for 10 seconds and see the American flag after closing your eyes for a second and opening them back up and looking at a white screen!{mosimage}

     The National Science Center is located in Augusta, GA.  They have many of these mobile discovery centers taking science programs across the nation.  The centers are housed in 18-wheelers and are staffed by U. S. Army soldiers and the Department of Army civilian personnel.  They present programs designed to show students why science and math is essential to their future.  These programs consist of fun, hands-on, interactive science demonstrations and focus on physical science concepts for students in grades 4 through 9.