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January 11-- Students returned to Southeastern Technical College Monday  to begin the 2012 spring semester.  One of the first tasks was to get in line for visit to the college bookstore.


Early enrollment numbers show 1,838 students attending the technical college this semester, up from 1,813 last January.

“Although this is only a one percent increase in initial enrollment, in light of the many recent changes Southeastern Tech has undergone, we’re very excited about the increase,” said Dr. Barry Dotson, vice president of student affairs at STC.

Last year, Southeastern Tech switched to semester scheduling, and many of its students were affected by changes to the oft-utilized HOPE scholarship. So, STC staffers are understandably pleased with any uptick in enrollment numbers for this semester, the school’s second since converting from the quarter system.

“It just shows that even in times of uncertainty, technical education is still viewed by the public as a good value and as a means of increasing personal income,” said Dotson.