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January 9--  So far there are three Augusta area candidates who want to be the Republican nominee to challenge Democrat Congressman John Barrow in this year's 12th Congressional District race.


Wright McLeod (left) with Jim Anderson of the Vidalia Tea Party Patriots.

Former Navy pilot Wright McLeod of Evans made a presentation to the Vidalia Tea Party Patriots last week.  He says he has three reasons why he's decided to get into politics.

"Number one, I absolutely disagree with the direction the country is going, both on a fiscal policy and, number two, on social policy.  And number three, I just really miss serving my country.  I'm retired Navy and I loved what I did in the Navy.  You feel like you make a difference and I miss that," McLeod says.

After 20 years in the Navy, McLeod retired and started practicing real estate law in Augusta in 2006.  He's putting the law practice on hold to seek public office.

"My wife and I and family are committed to this a hundred percent.   We're throwing everything we have into this race.  Steve Jobs said it best.  You cannot connect the dots in life, don't worry about it.  Do what you think is best and follow your heart.  It all boils down to I do not agree with where this country is going and I'm going to do the very best I can to change it," he says.

McLeod and his wife have three daughters and he says he doesn't want to leave them with a bankrupt country.

"It's just fiscal sanity.  It's a matter of cutting back on spending and entitlement programs, reducing the bureaucracy and stimulating jobs. Not only do we need to cut expenses, but we have to promote a pro-business, pro-capitalist envinronment, the same type of envinronment which made this country the greatest we've ever been," he believes.

The other two Augusta area candidates in the race so far are State Representative and farmer Lee Anderson and businessman Rick Allen.