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December 19--  The Toombs County Commission is proceeding with plans to negotiate how sales tax revenue in the future will be divided amonst the county and its three municipalities.

At its December meeting the commissioners approved a resolution to begin the negotiations with Vidalia, Lyons and Santa Claus and talks are now expected to start in January.  If the talks fail, the matter could be decided by a Superior Court judge.  The current agreement expires at the end of 2012 and allocates 41.5% of sales tax revenue each to Toombs County and Vidalia, 16% to Lyons and 1% to Santa Claus.  Any entity which loses share may have to make up the difference by increasing property taxes or reducing expenses.

The new year is an election year for many local officials and the commission set the qualifying fees for candidates as follows:

C/Y 2012 Qualifying Fees *Base Salary Qualifying Fee  Districts
Sheriff                             59,328.83    $1,780
Tax Commissioner            49,721.70    $1,492
Clerk                               49,721.70    $1,492
Probate                           49,721.70     $1,492
Chair, Bd of Comm           18,000.00     $540
Commissioner                    6,000.00     $180                2&3
Coroner                             3,600.00     $108
Bd of Ed Member                2,400.00     $722                4&6
State Court Judge             36,050.00     $1,082
State Court Solicitor          30,900.00     $927

In other actions at its last meeting of the year, Toombs Commissioners:

* Approved a $200,000 economic development loan to Truax Veneer to buy new equipment.

*Approved year-end bonuses totaling $29,000 for the county's 164 fulltime employees.

*Approved the 2012 operating budget of $9 million which Chairman Buddy West notes is two percent less than this year.

*Approved annexing 443 acres of land on the Ezra Taylor Road to Vidalia.

*Transferred $480,000 from the county contingency fund to cover year-end operations

*Named Commissioner Jeff McCormick as Vice-Chairman and reappointed George Powell, Carl Sharp and Sonny Odom to the county Board of Assessors.