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December 6-- WAYNE EVANS, 31, a resident of New York, was sentenced yesterday by Senior Judge B. Avant Edenfield to 380 months in prison for his role in the burglary of Kemp’s Pharmacy, a Federal Firearms dealer in Claxton, Georgia, and the resulting theft and trafficking of 28 firearms stolen from Kemp’s.

        United States Attorney Edward J. Tarver stated, “The theft of firearms from the lawful marketplace, and their trafficking to the unlawful marketplace, exponentially raises the risk of violence to law enforcement and to everyday citizens.  As this case makes clear, violent repeat offenders who come to Georgia as their source for illegal guns can expect to serve decades in federal prison.”

        EVANS was convicted after a two-day jury trial in July 2011 on several charges relating to the theft of 28 firearms from Kemp’s Pharmacy and the trafficking of the guns to other states along the Eastern Seaboard.  The evidence at trial showed that in June of 2010, EVANS, codefendant  Jordy Noval Melvin, and a juvenile male smashed the glass front doors of Kemp’s Pharmacy in Claxton, Georgia.  Before Claxton Police responded, the defendants were able to take 28 firearms from Kemp’s display cases and depart the area.  EVANS took the bulk of the firearms to New York for resale.  The evidence showed that one firearm was recovered on the night of the burglary in an alley behind Kemp’s Pharmacy, and one firearm was recovered when the juvenile coconspirator was arrested in Claxton the following month.  In the next year, another firearm was recovered in a traffic stop in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Two firearms were recovered in crimes in Brooklyn, New York, within three miles of EVAN’s home.  Another firearm was recovered in the possession of an acquaintance of  EVAN’s sister.  22 firearms remain unaccounted for.  Both Melvin and the juvenile coconspirators confessed to the burglary and testified against EVANS at trial.

        EVANS is the second to be sentenced of the two adult defendants who were indicted together for the firearms trafficking conspiracy.  In addition to the 380 month sentence, he was ordered to pay $7,611.88 in restitution to Kemp’s insurer and a $3,600 fine.  The first defendant to be sentenced, Jordy Noval Melvin, pleaded guilty to the theft of firearms from a federally licensed firearms dealer and was sentenced on July 21, 2011, to 110 months in prison.  Mr. Tarver noted that there is no parole in the federal system.