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November 29--  A year-and-a-half ago, the teenage daughter of Paula and Phil Jarriel was killed in a traffic accident.  Katie Jarriel had just completed her sophomore year at Pinewood Christian Academy and died only hours after attending the school's graduation ceremony.

Tuesday her mother spoke to a chapel service at Robert Toombs Christian Academy.{mosimage}

"I hope they realize they're not invincible.  I want them to know that it's real and it can happen to Christian Academy school kids, just like mine, and that eternity is determined at that point.  Once Katie had that accident, her eternity began at that point and it's important to know right now where your eternity is going to be.  Is Jesus going to step in for you, or are you going to be left with the only other alternative which is Hell.  It's important for them to know they've got that Savior card in their pocket," Paula Jerriel said.

Some of the RTCA students stood and witnessed for Christ after Jerriel's remarks.  

"They need Christ to step forward on judgement day and say, 'God, this one's mine.  I know him and he knows me.'  That was my whole point.  Is Jesus going to step forward and say 'I know her voice, I know his voice, they're one of mine.'  Or, is he going to say, like Matthew said, 'Depart from me, I never knew you,' she said.

Paula grew up in a Christian home and says only her faith has gotten her through the loss of her daughter.  "I need God everyday to keep me out of that dark place," she says.