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November 22--  More people than ever are expected for Wednesday's Thanksgiving dinner at God's Storehouse in Vidalia.

Director Tina Houser says she expects to feed 1,400 people who otherwise would not have a Thanksgiving meal.

"The need this year has about tripled.  I'm feeding something like 250 families a month just in groceries, so the people who are justing walking in the door now need food and I put the number we will feed up to 1,400," she reports.

Tina says there's been a lot of support this year from community churches and indviduals. "I couldn't do this by myself.  If I didn't have the support of the pastors and the churches here and the community and individuals, I could not do this.  I need help to put this on because it cost about $5,500 this year to put this dinner on," she said.

God's Storehouse on McIntosh Street in Vidalia is co-located with The Jesus Inn which provides shelter for homeless people.

By the way, Tina says she's got the main meal covered Wednesday, but could use some more pies and cakes for dessert.  If you can help with that, her number is 538-1730.