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November 2--  The City of Vidalia is appealing for your help.  Click to vote.

Hello Everyone!!!

Will you please help Vidalia?   We have been given another chance to win the Pepsi grant only this time we are trying for a new DARE car AND the Community Pond which all Toombs County Schools can utilize!  Students will be able to visit the classroom size pavilion to study wildlife and horticulture.

Please help us win by voting for us every single day in November. You can text your vote and Pepsi will not charge anything to your phone...promise!  This is a popularity contest and only the top 10 with the most votes will be awarded the grants.

DARE car -send text message 109713 to contact number 73774 also vote online at
Community Pond - send text message 109890 to contact number 73774 
and also vote online at

Thanks in advance for your support!

Carol Kennedy, Systems Analyst, City of Vidalia, 912.537.7661