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November 2--  An effort is underway in Montgomery County to hold a recall election for school board chairwoman Deloris James.

According to a release quoting Rudy Nanney of Trotter's Lane in Montgomery County, a group of citizens in the Altston-Higgston School Board District is organizing a recall application petition.  If they can get the signatures of at least a hundred voters who voted in the 2008 election which elected James, she will have the right to request that a superior court judge determine if there is sufficient cause to proceed with the recall.

According to Nanney, the Montgomery County school system has been placed on probation under James' leadership and "not only continues to harm the education of our children, but be a statewide embarassment for all citizens of Montgomery County."

He continues, "There is no better message to send to the Board of Education than to remove the person that has led them in this desecration of our school system." 

In response to the recall news, Mrs. James says "It's a fact probation has occurred while I've been board chair.  I am shocked because I had no idea this was coming, however, I am dedicated to doing what I think is in the best interest of students of Montgomery County and I will continue to do that as long as I'm in office.  With all due respect to Mr. Nanney, he can proceed any way he likes to and I'll face each day as it comes."

The news release asks any registered voter in the Mrs. James' district who wishes to sign the petition to call Nanney at 537-3654 or former Montgmery County High School principal Luke Smith at 538-8393.

The group released the following information:


A group of citizens in the Alston - Higgston District have begun a recall application petition to recall School Board Chairperson Deloris James. The group, headed by Rudy Nanney, seeks to get approval of a recall application in order to actually get a recall petition drive underway.

When asked why the group wanted to recall James, Nanney gave the following statement: "In January of this year three new school board members took office. Deloris James was elected as Chairwoman of the Board of Education. Under her guidance the BOE has managed to get the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to place our school system on probation. She accomplished this feat in less than eight months. The Montgomery County Board of Education was cited for nine violations. This is three more than the Atlanta Public Schools received. Probation is the last step before accreditation is withdrawn. Should accreditation be withdrawn, students graduating from Montgomery County High School will not be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship and will have a very difficult, if not impossible, time of getting into post-secondary education. Loss of accreditation will also hurt the school system when applying for grants."

"The BOE, lead by Mrs. James, has so inflamed the passions of many citizens in our county that a group has been formed to try and reason with the BOE in order to restore some degree of order in our school system. They have had little, if any, success."

"The BOE has also been called to Atlanta to appear before the State Board of Education to explain their improper behavior. Mrs. James and the other BOE members promised to be good this time and really abide by the Code of Ethics that they have now twice sworn to follow. The state BOE could remove some or all of the Montgomery County BOE in the spring of 2012. However, this could well occur after personnel decisions have been made for the 2012-2013 school year, if it occurs at all."

"Under Mrs. James leadership our BOE not only continues to harm the education of our children, but be a statewide embarrassment for all citizens of Montgomery County. The voters of Montgomery County put all of these board members in power and if our children are to be protected, then the voters must remove some or all of the Board members before they do farther damage to our school system. There is no better message to send to the BOE than to remove the person that has lead them in this desecration of our school system. All that it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. If we don't remove them from office, then we will get the government that we deserve!"

The application for a recall requires the signatures of at least 100 voters that were registered in the Higgston - Alston District in November 2008. If the application is successful, the actual recall petition will require the signatures of at least 300 currently registered voters in the Higgston - Alston District. Any registered voter wishing to sign the recall petition application for Deloris James should call 537 - 3654 or 538 - 8393.