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October 28--  Georgia's new immigration law is causing more paperwork for local governments and companies.

Starting in January, cities and counties which hire new employees will have to check and document the immigration status of all new employees.  The same holds true for companies which do public works projects for state and local governments.

{mosimage} City and county administrators learned details of the new law at a seminar at East Georgia College in Swainsboro.  Todd Edwards from the Association County Commissioners of Georgia moderated the two-hour session.

"Like many laws which are passed by the General Assembly, this one falls on city and county governments to enforce and we want to make sure they are ready to comply with the law come January 1," he said.

The city clerk in Lyons, Lynn Rowland, attended the session and said, "I have gotten some issues out of it that I didn't even know existed.  The city of Lyons has been following it (E-Verify) except for the new law which is coming into effect and it's a lot of paperwork for just one new employee," she observed.

Edwards adds, "The will of the General Assembly was to get tougher on illegal immigration.  If it is their will to increase local taxpayer dollars to create a larger administrative process at the local level, then so be it.   We're just trying to educate our officials so they can do it in the most efficient manner at the local level."