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October 26--  Thankfully there are people in our community who go "above and beyond" in their love and care of animals.  Such a couple are Therisa and Dennis Ingley who founded the Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society and work everyday to protect homeless animals.  Not only do they provide a foster home to dogs and cats, they visit dumpster sites to feed animals who scavage the sites for food.  Some of the animals they feed at the dumpsters finally trust Therisa and Dennis enough to allow themselves to be picked up, fostered and perhaps placed in a forever home.  However, some are not so lucky, as Therisa reports below.

"A dog died today.  Not just any dog--a little, white American bulldog that had stolen

Dennis and my heart.  She was tossed out at the dumpster with another puppy when

they were barely old enough to be weaned.  Both emaciated and mangy.  The other

pup lasted only a couple of weeks before the road claimed him.  But Casper was

different.  She was street smart; wise beyond her age.  The only problem--she was

very wary of humans.  Over theh past 3 months, she would bound out of the woods,

tail wagging, body wiggling with joy when she heard the truck.  She would come

close enough to take treats from my hand.  But the minute you reached for her, she

cowered away.  Too much pain from humans to trust.  She wanted to though.  Many

evenings she would follow our truck out of the dumpster lot and sit at the edge of the

road watching us until we were out of sight. We kept hoping that before winter really

got here we would be able to catch her.  She was covered in sores and nearly hairless,

but she was well fed and I believe she knew she was loved.  A kind soul called to let

us know we would find her dead when we went to do our evening feedings of the stray

cats and dogs.  It is so hard to loose something you never really got a chance to love.

Some day, I'm just going to quit going to those damn dumpsters.  Too much heartache,

too much pain.  But not today.  There's a little beagle with a hurt leg and a mama pit

waiting for their food.  And who knows, maybe tomorrow they will let us catch them.

Good night sweet Casper.  Sleep well in doggy heaven."